About Us

Ripples Media was incorporated as a Limited liability company to practice advertising, it commenced  operations in the mid of year 2009 in a ‘quest to meeting  brand experts’ yearning for excellence in creative out-of-home media.
The firm has had to carve its niche; as we provide media platform on strategic locations within and outside the shores of Nigeria to showcase both corporate and commercial  advertising brands.
Our service is geared towards connecting brand with the audience-targeted, it is therefore significant to emphasize that our advertising hoardings are sited on route where they become extremely VISIBLE and PERCEIVED with great brand IMPACT, it in-turn arouses a buying curiosity that is adding value based on earned and deserving credibility.
However, “quality and giving your brand a unique treat ”is not just a slogan for us, it a part of our corporate culture for depth in professionalism, it is one of the uncompromising sources of our unique selling point (USP), the concept is; if it’s conceivable, it’s achievable, if it’s  achievable, it must undergo our stiff measures on quality control.